Data Engineering Services
We help you consolidate, process and
visualize complex data sources

Our Data Engineering team helps you to leverage comprehensive and powerful data processing tools and technologies to analyze unstructured and complex data sources.

Our Data Engineering Services
Data Modeling & Consultation

Our Data Engineers have experience in processing data which may be structured, unstructured, semi-structured or stored as RDBMS & Big Data, distributed file system (HDFS), flat file (text, csv, json, logs), emails, websites & web APIs.

ETL Processing

Expertise to process any data and perform data cleansing, data profiling, normalization, text mining, data extraction, data transformation, load data to data warehouse, and more.

Data Pipeline

To ensure that we have reliable data processing, we have an expertise in building ETL pipeline to process the data in real time.

Data Migration & Integration

As our team is experienced enough to handle data from any kind of data sources, no matter how big it is, we can migrate and integrate it smoothly, without impacting your business.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Our Data Engineers team has the expertise to deploy a model serving such that model can not only predict and provide useful information but can also be updated in real-time with a change in the trend of data as and when required.

Support & Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance for the complete ETL processing setup to ensure that the data is never lost with a change in data trend.

Our Data Engineering Expertise
  • Neo4j
  • MongoDB
  • Spreadsheets
  • SQL databases
  • NoSQL databases
Semi Structured
  • Time series
    • Stock price data every day/hour/month
    • Population data every Year
  • Web APIs
  • Email
  • Sensor data
  • Websites
  • Text & Images
  • Audios & Videos
  • Social Network
  • Log files
Data Engineering Tools & Technology Capabilities
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